Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Good Stuff from the Blog World

Here are some good things I have read from the blog world recently...

From Perry Noble - Pray for your pastor in these ways...#1 - Our Connection With God, #2 - Our Family, #3 - His Relationship With The Staff, #4 - His Battle With Spiritual Warfare, #5 - Rest. Read the whole post here.

From Scott Hodge - Who are you focused on leading? "Until you get your focus OFF of the people who are disgruntled, unhappy, unsupportive, and resistant to the direction God has called you to go, and ONTO those who are excited, supportive and on board, you will NEVER gain momentum and see a new culture created in your church." Read the whole post here.

From Craig Groeschel - Breaking growth barriers. You are going to have to change your mindset. Much of what you are doing now won’t work later. Read the whole post here.

From Rob Wagner - Jesus taught thousands. He trained seventy. He discipled twelve. He mentored three. Read the whole post here.

From Sherry Moorhead - One question I get a lot from other churches is how do you effectively communicate with the some 2500 volunteers that you guys have here at NewSpring? My answer always goes something like this “every way possible”. Here’s what we do right now. Read the whole post here.

From Kurt Johnson - What are areas in your ministry that are working well that may need a check up?I'm great at evaluating and improving on the weak areas of my ministry, but this morning's conversation reminded me that even some of the strongest aspects of our ministry need to be examined on a regular basis. Read the whole post here.

From Church Marketing Sucks - There's probably 718,000 churches in America that offer free breakfast. The catch? You have to come on Sundays, be greeted and stick around for the service. Westchester Church looked to take a different approach. Every Friday morning before 8:00, you can drop by their parking lot (at the corner of a busy intersection) for some free breakfast. From Stephen Webb's blog: "We show up at daybreak, set up a table, unload the signs, cones, coolers, and muffins, and invite the traffic. We have about 3-9 people on the street holding signs and waving them in. We have about 2-5 people handing out the free stuff. It takes about 20 seconds to take an order and have them on their way. Every morning we have new people. And we hear each week that “This absolutely makes my day.” Free stuff is always a great way to reach people; so is going out of your way for them. Sounds like a great combination to me.

Just a few random thoughts that have been going through my reading brain today. Enjoy.


terriergal said...

Ah Groeschel from the pro-emergent apostate Evangelical Covenant denomination. Lovely.

" Much of what you are doing now won’t work later. "

You mean they'll eventually stop ousting purpose driven resisters??