Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Changing Offices

This week we are continuing the process of the transition between Pastor Dave and me. We are changing offices. This is more of a logistical matter than anything else. The office really doesn't mean anything. I know pastors who believe they are leaders because of the office they occupy or the title they hold. An office and a title have nothing to do with leadership.

I have learned through this time of transition that the more I go up, the more I give up. I have read so much from pastors and leadership gurus about this. I thought I understood it, but I really didn't. I could try to explain it to you as it was explained to me, but until you actually get to the leadership position, you can't really understand it. I know I didn't.

I have been very humbled lately. This is a huge job with huge responsibilities. Every day, at different times in the day, it hits me. Without God I will fail. I need to be on my knees more. I need to be in the Bible more. I need people around me who are praying for me. I need people around me who love Jesus, who love Charter Oak Church, and who love me.

I don't need people who criticize me, just because. I don't need people around me who just say yes, no matter what. I don't need people around me that aren't willing to pick up the servant's towel.

I see people very differently now. More than anything I want to look at each person and know that Jesus went to the cross for them.


Anonymous said...

Your comments don't add up. Why change offices, why waste the time if it doesn't matter? Your leadership does not come from your office.