Monday, August 20, 2007

Soccer Begins Today

I'm in the office early this morning to get a few things done because soccer practice begins this morning from 7:30am-11:00am. This week of practice before school kicks off is an intense time of training. I love the promise of a new season with new players. At last count we had 25 players with a few others who may join us. It will be a very big team. I have an awesome coach helping me - Rob Reed. He's a great friend and coach.

Coaching gives me an opportunity to work on my ability to bring the best out of people. Every player is different. I should never treat every player the same. Some need more coaching, some need to have more encouragement, some need to be inspired. Each one is different, just like at Charter Oak Church. There is no way I can treat everyone the same. Coaching soccer helps remind me of the importance of how I treat each person.

One of my favorite authors is Patrick Lencioni. He has a new book that was released this past weekend. The reason I bring him up now is because he is also a soccer coach. Here are a couple of posts that he has on his website about his coaching. It is really good stuff.

Let's go Latrobe!