Friday, August 17, 2007

Flying Home

It's about 6:30am here. I am packing up my suitcase and stuff to come home today or tomorrow, however you want to think about it. You see after a full day of the conference I am flying home on the red-eye flight. I leave LAX at 11:00pm west coast time and arrive in Pittsburgh at 9:00am east coast time (after changing planes in Atlanta). I am doing this so I can be home in time to begin my new series on character.

So I am posting this request now, will you pray for me? I am hoping to be able to move up to first class so I can sleep on the plane or at least sit in the emergency exit aisle. I want to be completely energized and focused as I stand before God and the people of Charter Oak Church this weekend. So I am asking you to surround me in prayer over the next 24+ hours.



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