Thursday, July 23, 2009

Proverbs 23

I was reading my daily Proverb this morning - Proverbs 23, and this is the note on the side of the page:

Leaders understand the importance of their minds to the future of their organizations. Consider some of the timeless principles offered in Proverbs 23 about our minds and a godly vision for tomorrow:
1. Your thoughts determine your character (verse 7).
2. Be careful of your thoughts they may break into your words at any time (verse 7).
3. Don't waste your thoughts on those who do not hunger for them (verse 9).
4. The first person you lead is you, and the first organ you master is your mind (verse 12).
5. Don't let your mind drift away from God's truth and into vain envy (verse 17).
6. Stay confident that your vision will come to pass (verse 18).
7. Discipline your thoughts to remain steadfast in what you know is right (verse 19).