Thursday, July 16, 2009


Check out what Pastor Perry has to say about critics...I love it.

Four Ways To Deal With A Critic July 15, 2009
Before I share the four ways let me be VERY clear on who a critic is…

  • A critic is NOT someone who approaches you and has a sincere love for you and a genuine concern for the ministry. These people should always be listened to and appreciated.
  • A critic is NOT someone who has a question about something and is merely seeking information and/or clarification for the purpose of fully understanding and embracing the vision of the ministry.
  • A critic is NOT someone who comes to you one on one with a spirit of humility and grace.

A critic is…

  • Someone who does not know you but feels the need to judge everything you say and do…they will criticize where you eat, the clothes you wear, the number of times you fart and anything else they can think of.
  • Someone who asks questions…but doesn’t actually want to know the answer…but rather are merely seeking information for the purpose of division.
  • Someone who is always pointing out what others are doing wrong…but never acknowledges their own shortcomings. (Jesus said it will not go well for these people…Matthew 7:1-2)

Remember…insanity is actually thinking you can explain yourself to those who don’t know you and don’t like you! So…saying that, here are four ways you can deal with a critic…
#1 - Ignore Them
#2 - Ignore Them
#3 - Ignore Them
#4 - Ignore Them

I once heard a pastor say, “We spend way too much time wrestling with church people and not with God!” DANG!

There are some battles that you are NEVER going to win…and to fight with a person who wants to do nothing but accuse you is fruitless! (Just a thought here - the name “satan” means accuser. Now…if someone is obsessed with the “wrongs” that you are doing and always feel the need to throw those wrongs in your face…would that make them more like Jesus or more like satan? Hmmmm)

I learned this lesson a long time ago…I don’t visit their websites (very few people actually do), I don’t respond to them on twitter and I don’t read their anonymous letters…Craig Groeschel once said that the quickest way to forget what God thinks about me is to obsess with what others think about me.

NOW…there are instances where Jesus dealt with these people…but it was never an explanation but rather a barrage of questions and/or a VERY sharp rebuke (Matthew 23) This type of response should always be prayed through and thought out! There will be times that these steps need to be considered, discussed and acted upon…

BUT…99% of the time…just repeat steps 1-4! :-)


Anonymous said...

Something about a minister(remember I am a PK)talking about farting just makes me feel a little uneasy, hummmmmm must have been my upbringing

Anonymous said...

This whole posting really ministered to me. There are way too many critics in the body of Christ, and not enough people who work to edify, encourage and build up the body of Christ. Thank you for posting this - and by the way, I am a PK too. And I am in ministry. This gave some great pointers in dealing with critics. Jesus was a great example of how to deal with them. And yes, these critics really are that intrusive into your life - they analyze every aspect and expose all of our human shortcomings, not as constructive criticism, but in a way to bring division and to "steal, kill and destroy". Kudos to Pastor Chris for sharing this.