Monday, May 11, 2009

Matthew 9

Verse 24, "But they laughed at him."

People laughed at Jesus. They thought a little girl was dead, he knew differently. This chapter is full of the unexpected becoming a regular part of the life of Jesus. Healing a paralyzed man, but in the context of forgiveness of sin. Eating at Matthew's house, but with tax collectors and sinners. Old and new wineskins. Healing a woman and some blind men by their faith. Finally, Jesus looks upon the people and his heart breaks. There are so many who don't know Him and His grace. He asks the disciples to beg God for more workers to bring people to Jesus.

It is so easy to get caught up in the routine of life and in the busyness of life to miss opportunities that Jesus engaged in everyday to touch people with the love of God. There are nearly 65% of the people in this region who don't believe they have any good reason to worship in any church any weekend of the year. They don't see a difference between what is happening in the lives of Christians and the world. They aren't compelled to be here. What has happened?

I think we have lost the intentionality of engaging in people's lives right where they are, loving them, and challenging them to enter into a growing relationship with Jesus. That needs to change.