Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eric Geiger - Innovate Day 1

Here are my notes from Eric Geiger

Starbucks shut down for a day to get back to their "core"
- Retrain how to make coffee
- Realized they had drifted

The Church has drifted from the Gospel
- Adding a bunch of stuff drowns out our "core" - Jesus

Drift never self-corrects

2 Common Drifts
1. Drift toward complexity
- Joshua Bell (violin player in Washington DC)
- We are rushing past the formation of the Kingdom of God
- Pharisees got caught up in complexity
- They tried to pull Jesus into their complexity

Coping with complexity
- multi tasking (counter effectiveness)
smoking pot lowers your IQ less than multi-tasking
- out source
Some things are too important to give away from the church
We (church) are out-sourcing the mission of God

2. Drift off mission
Matthew 13:31-32 - so that those outside the church will benefit
We are a church for those far from God

Addressing the Drift
1. Clarify the discipleship process
Blueprint vs. brochure
- View discipleship as the whole process
- Be careful not to over program early in the discipleship process
- Ensure mission is deeply embedded in your discipleship process

2. Live your process
Is the staff doing the process?
Does the staff know their neighbors?

3. Align people/departments around the same process

4. Remove the clutter
5 Guys Burgers and Fries
Tool for worship became object of worship

We will never offer the best if we are multi-tasking

Read the Peanut Manifesto