Friday, November 14, 2008

2 Ways to Reach People

I'm reading the Fall edition of Leadership magazine. There is an interview in it with Neil Cole and Ed Young, Jr. Two very different pastors with two very different styles of leadership and two very different ways of introducing people to Jesus. Ed is the pastor of one of the top five largest churches in the country. Neil has helped launch hundreds of churches in homes and coffee houses.

The question was asked, if they were to do something new in Chicago, what would it look like. Ed responded with sending a campus pastor, buying a building, doing major outreach, then start a worship service. Neil responded that he would send two people to start walking the streets praying for God to show them a person of peace to begin developing a relationship with that person.

Two very different models. Both work. They both represent the leadership of the person. One isn't right and the other wrong, they are both working very well to reach people for Jesus. That's the point. We are on the same team.