Friday, February 1, 2008

Responding to God

I was just doing a little reading and I came across this question that in essence asked, "How do you live out your relationship with Jesus?" There were three options - worship - obey - witness. It was really looking for a singular answer. I know we all live out of each of these at one time or another through the day or week. But if you had to answer that question, what would you say is your primary way of living out your relationship with Jesus: worship, obey, witness?


Kathleen said...

For me, it's primarily "obey" - to be His hands and feet as I move through my day. I start out my day in worship first, though. I spend my drive to work with Him. No radio, no cell phone, just Him and me. I wish I had more opportunities to witness; I take them when and where I can find them! Yes, my answer is definitely "obey."

Pamela said...

I say obey, then if He says worship that is what I do, witness, that is what I do, (if I obey that is). For me it is all wound up in the big obey word. Jesus was obedient to death on the cross. My crosses are small annoying inconveniences of saying no to selft and yes to God.