Thursday, February 28, 2008

Book #5 - Going All the Way

As I was traveling to Jamaica I finished reading Craig Groeschel's book Going All the Way: Preparing for a Marriage that Goes the Distance. This is my new source for my pre-marital meetings that I conduct with couples. I require six meetings with couples before I will preform their wedding. I share with them that while they are preparing for one day (their wedding day) by spending a ton of money, energy, and emotions, my job is to prepare them for the rest of their lives together.
I would love to get this book into every college age or even high school aged person's hands. The stuff that Craig shares is critical to a life long marriage and it begins long before a couple says their I do's and I will's.
I also appreciated Craig's honesty about his marriage now. It was good to be reminded about my role as a husband and some of the things that are expected of me that so easily fall through the cracks of life when I am so busy. This is a great book to be given away by pastors and pastors of students to those who are single.