Friday, October 12, 2007

From Andy Stanley's closing @ Catalyst

I have been reading some posts about the variety of speakers from the Catalyst Conference. Here are some questions from Andy Stanley that have got me thinking about what we do at Charter Oak Church and why we do them.
  • What are the behaviors we want our people to do?
  • What is one thing we are doing to encourage those behaviors? What are we doing in the rhythm of our organization to motivate that type of behavior?
  • List the things you are doing, maybe inadvertently, that encourages the opposite behavior.

If the behavior we want from the people of Charter Oak Church is to become more like Jesus is every aspect of our lives, down to the last detail. Then what are we doing or not doing to encourage that?

Just something I am pondering at the end of the week.


Pastor Bill said...

Great questions, Chris. Were you at Catalyst? I really wanted to go but had other commitments here that I couldn't get out of.

Anyway, are the "behaviors we want our people to do" related to your mission and vision? Can your people tell you what those behaviors are? Our mission statement is like 12 lines long (a really BIG paragraph) and noone knows what it is so noone does it. I think if we can focus people on a vision, maybe they can embody it...