Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tough Times

I started studying a new book of the Bible this morning - Jeremiah. This guy had one of the most difficult assignments ever given by God. The thing is, he was obedient to the call, no matter what the circumstance that he was in. He went through some of the most tough times ever. His response was always, whatever God wants.

The Bible I use to do my early morning Bible study has this in it...

Jeremiah endured several occasions to practice the law of sacrifice
1. He was called to a ministry of opposition (1:18, 19)
2. He was not permitted to marry (16:1, 2)
3. He was beaten and put into stocks (20:1-3)
4. He was publicly disgraced to depict the judgment of Israel (27:1-3)
5. He was imprisoned in a dungeon (38:1-6)

Then the Bible commentator asks this question, "Do you suddenly feel a little better about your plight as a leader? Jeremiah faced horrible odds, yet never walked away from his message or his call from God."

I know there are some people at Charter Oak Church who are going through a very difficult assignment from God right now. I know you are struggling. I know you are questioning God.

Here is what I want you to hear...don't give up. God is at work in your life. God is on your side. He is cheering you on. He is pouring into you. God loves you. God is doing a work in you right now that you may not understand, but your role is to be obedient to him in all things.

Keep looking to God!