Monday, April 2, 2007

Incredible Quote

This weekend I started reading Kyle Lake's book [Re]Understanding Prayer. I just have to share with you what I just read...

Why would God make Himself known to us on a personal level? Would it not be to speak truthfully to us about ourselves and the world in which we live - for our good and the good of the world? That is, there is a transformative dimension to conversation with God and a missional one as well. A transformative dimension to prayer in which God affects change in us, and a missional dimension to prayer in which God affects change through us. No doubt, at times transformative prayer takes the shape of simple wordless enjoyment of the Divine, yet we still leave changed.


tombeagan said...

Another dimension to this is in Ortberg's book, "God is Closer than You Think". He says that one of the main reasons that we have a personal relationship with God is because that is what God desires more than anything else. God wants an intimate relationship with us, his creation, in his image.