Friday, December 7, 2007

Unspeakable Joy

This weekend at Charter Oak Church - The Christmas Cantata - Unspeakable Joy

In a world whose headlines scream of war, disease, homelessness, crime and financial disaster, where is the hope, the healing? In a world awash in worry, doubt, dread, and loneliness, where is the word to life the weary heart?

"The angel said to them, 'Do not b afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of a great JOY which will be for all the people." Luke 2:10

Good news of a great joy! This joy, this bounteous, contagious, and overflowing joy is what has been captured in the musical "Unspeakable Joy". It is the joy of Christmas. The joy of knowing the One who was born at Christmas. It's the joy of each believer discovering the love of Jesus Christ for himself, for herself.

What will make this work a Christmas favorite is the way the theme of "Unspeakable Joy" is so warmly woven throughout the musical. The story of the stable and the star, the angels and the shepherds, the baby on a bed of straw, is delivered with the power to amaze us with its mercy and fill us with a joy unspeakable.


Jology said...

I would like to wonder something. You talk about Jesus like you wouldn't doubt anything in the Bible, anything in those stories about him and God and so on. Those things happened(?) about 2000 years ago and you still believe in that book completely blindly, I see you don't doubt anything. Well, I should be just quiet about your habits and faith because I see you are pretty good person.. So why do such a good person like you believe in some guy who got murdered by a human? I respect the world pretty much but I don't still try to make friends with any dude who is dead. I don't say that I would not respect him, but I think that what you're doing is overdoing.

Chris Whitehead said...


Thanks for your post. These are great questions that I know a ton of people are asking.

First, I would say that I am a man of faith. I believe it takes faith to follow Jesus and to incorporate his teaching into my life.

Just because something happened a long time ago doesn't mean it didn't happen. I was required to take history classes in college. I don't deny the historical accounts of kings, queens, wars, scientific discoveries. Even believing those takes some sense of faith since I didn't witness them first hand.

I believe in a person, Jesus, who was murdered by his contemporaries. I believe he was/is the Son of God. I believe the way he lived his life was the greatest example of any life that was ever lived or will be lived.

I don't believe Jesus is dead. I believe he was murdered on a cross, but I believe he was raised from the dead and is fully alive in everyone who believes in him. It may not be in the sense that we typically understand - walking around with flesh and blood, but in a spiritual understanding of being alive.

I believe Jesus is the hope of the world and I filter my life through that faith statement. You filter your life through those things that you believe or believe in. I do the same.

Jology, I want you to know that you matter to God and he loves you.