Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blogs I Read

A couple of days ago I posted that my leadership development grows daily because of the blogs that I read. The people I read each day are priceless to me. I am challenged, inspired, pushed, pulled, and often times led into God's presence. I give God great thanks for the following people and what they bring to the leadership table.

Tim Stevens - Executive Pastor at Granger Community Church. I was able to spend the day with Tim earlier this year. His stuff is always good.

Craig Groeschel - Senior Pastor at Life Church. If this guys isn't on your must read, put him at the very top. What Craig is able to accomplish is mind blowing. I don't know of anyone who has greater leadership gifts than this guy.

Perry Noble - Senior Pastor at New Spring Community Church. I read Perry to inspire me to take the next step and not listen to the nay sayers. He gives me an infusion of courage to begin the day.

Tony Morgan - I'm not sure his title, but he is a leadership giant and on staff at New Spring Community. I love the variety of his posts - he hits on so many subjects.

Scott Hodge - Pastor of The Orchard. He helps me to think creatively.

Steven Furtick - Pastor of Elevation Church. This is a new church start that is about 18 months old and broke through the 2,500 in worship barrier this past weekend. God is all over this guy. You want proof that God is working major miracles, read this guys blog.

I also read a few others who don't post daily, some of them are really good and I wish they would be more consistent, but I can't really complain since I'm not that consistent myself.

If you had one blog you absolutely had to read, which one would it be?


Tom Beagan said...

That is not fair you name a bunch of blogs and then want us to name just the one blog we can't live without!!! I have to say I agree with your list and I would add to that Mark Battersons blog at and Todd Rhoades at All of those compose my monring reading list. Of course I read ours at LOGOS after I have written them too.

Chris Whitehead said...


You are right, it's not fair to ask for only one, but I figured that people would post a couple any way.

I also read Mark's blog, but more occassionally than daily. I read Todd's on a weekly basis. Both are very good.

Just so you know, I do read yours after being reminded to do so with your weekly email.

Keith McIlwain said...

I try to keep up with our Conference blogroll, which is important for me spiritually & relationally. The Methoblog roll also has some GREAT stuff. Additionally, I like to read the blogs of William Willimon, Scot McKnight (emergent theology), Out of Ur (CT leadership blog), Rick Mansfield (Bible stuff), the One Year Bible Blog, and a few others. SO much of the blogosphere is SO shallow, it can be hard to find MEAT. But there is some out there!

Chris Whitehead said...


What do you consider MEAT? I'm not sure you or anyone else can put any kind of expectation on someone else's blog.

Some blogs are specifically created not to be meaty. If you don't like what is being posted you don't read that blog. I don't read much on the Methoblog roll because most of it isn't speaking to what I am working towards. That doesn't mean it is wrong or the people in the blog roll should stop posting, I just don't read it, and that's okay.

Keith McIlwain said...

I don't get into a lot of the "here's what I did today" type stuff or the (many) political blogs, which are mostly uninformed, in my view. Probably, most of the blogosphere is that. I like the blogs that give me some exegesis to wrestle with or some theological point to ponder and help me grow or some meaningful ministry advice. So, I'd consider MEAT, at least for me, something that can help me grow in a meaningful way, as a disciple or as a pastor or as a human being. That's a fair expectation, I think, considering EVERY blog takes up precious time to read, wouldn't you agree? We may read different blogs, which is a-ok, because we're different disciples on different legs of the journey; I am way, WAY far behind on that road to perfection, so I really need the theological & Biblical meat to help me grow.