Monday, July 25, 2011


This past weekend Pastor Dave continued his Survivor series by talking about Doubt. There were two lines from his message that were home runs for me.

The first was in the discussion of Mark 9:14-24. Pastor Dave said that the man didn't doubt that Jesus could heal his son, he doubted he would do it for him. Wow! I cannot remember a time that I doubted the power of God. But that statement really pushes me to think about how many times I have doubted if God would do something for me. I know I will be thinking and praying on that one for a good while.

The second line from Pastor Dave was when he said, "Faith isn't the absence of doubt, but choosing to trust." I needed to hear that as I wrestled with the above statement. As a disciple of Jesus I can't know and understand everything, but I can choose to trust, even when I don't know or understand. That choice is mine. No one else can make that choice for me. That is very comforting on one side and very challenging on the other side.

I love Pastor Dave! I am so thankful he continues to pour God's truth into our lives at Charter Oak Church.