Thursday, January 6, 2011

God at Work in Honduras Through Charter Oak Church

I was blessed by an email received from Don Rumbaugh this morning and wanted to pass it along. God is at work and this is a great testimony to how he uses his servants worldwide to reach the world for Jesus, making disciples in all the nations.

Our advent tree missions donations this year netted $1750.00 and were split between 8th Avenue Place, our local Food Pantry and the purchase of Spanish bibles for Don Rumbaugh’s ministry. A few years ago, we also took part in a project with VBS kids which advanced Don’s large scale use of Pilgrim’s Progress books to teach the gospel story. Here is what he had to say when I sent the email regarding the money raised for bibles during advent.

I've gotta say that your timing is remarkable for the printing...that my contact in the capital (who can get bibles for $5) was in my living room one hour and fifteen minutes after your email came in, with an invoice for $450 for the IslamaCards (my next large scale project) and a need to put several hundred dollars down on the Picture Bible to encourage them to begin the printing.


p.s. Your Pilgrim's Progress song and story books are all over the north coast and north mountains. My next project is getting more made (that's not a hint; I'll find a printer here. I just thought you'd like to know that they are teaching young worship leaders in EVERY village.)

p.p.s. Jamaica as a mission force?

May Don’s faith, courage and perseverance inspire you as it does me. His response to God is always “yes”, even in advance of all the details. As you follow God’s lead in 2011, may God give you the same courage!