Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year Transition

Throughout the year as our family makes memories together we collect something that reminds us of those memories. We put each one of them into a "memory box." Then during this transition into the New Year we sit down as a family and open the box and look at each item. We remember things like our family's mission trip to Jamaica, movies we have seen, the America concert, and many, many more activities we have done together.

Another thing we do during this time is make a list of things that each of us wants to accomplish in the New Year. Before we make our new list, we look over the previous year's list to see if we actually followed through or not. Our categories are: how we are going to serve, what we are going to learn, something we are going to try that is new, something that we are going to improve, and one thing we each want to accomplish.

It is a great thing to do together. We keep the boxes from year to year. We put our list of what we want to accomplish in the New Year in the new "memories box" so we have it ready for next year's transition time.

Happy New Year!!